Dreyfus Opticians carries only the highest quality contemporary designer eyewear. Take a look below at a sampling of the hundreds of luxury frames that we carry in-stock, then visit our boutique to try on the rest!

Anne et Valentin combines their savoir-faire with an equal mix of respect and anti-conformism, to create frames that never betray you.  Anne et Valentin has designed frames for over fifteen years in the spirit of constant renewal of form and color.  Anne et Valentin tirelessly cultivates its own singularity, listens to your insights and interprets your needs by responding with grace and precision.  Mixing geometric cuts, brilliant colors and materials; a frame should not only reveal, flatter and compliment, but be your signature.  Each time you put on your frame, you present yourself to the world just as you are.  For the crafty, the self-confident and the free spirits; Anne et Valentin works to create noble and radical eyewear.  Delighted to be yourself!

Eyevan 7285

In 1972, EYEVAN made a start with a concept of “Eyewear for dressing as a fashion item” and in 1985, it made a sensational world debut. EYEVAN product known for its timeless design and when we look into hand-written drawings or archives of EYEVAN, we can see Japan’s genuine craftsmanship and creativity and enthusiasm of design team of those days.  In 2013 after around 40 years from launch, new design team reconstructed the brand EYEVAN 7285 based on archives of EYEVAN and expressed what they think is definitely beautiful.

Face & Cie by Zenka is a creative and modern frame designer, featuring interchangable design clips. This new concept is dressing every frame by many different styles, with a simple clic.

Götti uses the talent of experienced craftsmen to bring out the full beauty in their acetate line of frames.  Each frame goes through a total of 200 to 250 steps during production.  The final polishing process yields a silky smooth frame. All frames from Götti bear the name of the person who gave them the final polish.

Götti's titanium line makes use of the best of both worlds: craftsmanship and high-tech. Titanium is advantageous because it is hypoallergenic and super-light.  Each pair of Götti frames is pressed using seven custom-built pressing tools that apply 200-300 tons of weight.  This precision work can only be carried out by specialists with vast know-how.  Götti found these high-qualified experts in Japan.  The color on each Götti titanium frame is sealed on using a special ceramic coating, which lends the frames their typical Götti color character.

Jacques Marie Mage is a Los Angeles-based producer of limited-edition designer goods that specializes in the micro-production of artisanal eyewear. Handcrafted in Japan, their spectacles infuse historical motifs with a distinctly modern sensibility.

La Loop Eyewear Necklaces - Instead of jewelry give her a rare bauble that also has utility. La Loop’s eyewear necklace holds eyeglasses with style. Seen on celebrities like Julia Roberts and Steven Meisel, the chains come in links of silver, leather, tortoise shell and other beautiful materials.

Brought to you by Manhattan eyewear guru Robert Marc, these classic frames are as durable as they are attractive. The Lunor collection is characterized by an aesthetic sensibility where clean and elegant lines subtly incorporate performance benefits such as adjustable temples and timeless shapes. Lunor has become a favorite among celebrities such as Madonna, Ellen DeGeneres, Melanie Griffith, Ringo Starr, Uma Thurman, Nicolas Cage, Tom Cruise, Cindy Crawford, Diane Keaton and many more.

Masunaga frames are produced in Japan, of the finest quality materials.  Masunaga Optical is the only company in Japan that has a factory in charge of all processes from raw materials to production and finish in an integrated way. The integrated production system improves the detail and quality of the finished product.  Masunaga, since 1905.

Monoqool creates the thinnest 3D printed glasses in the world. Combining revolutionary technology with Danish design, Monoqool has created super light-weight adjustable eyewear - designed to make you shine.



Clever Innovation

-4 grams

-0 screws

-0 soldering

-3D printed

Morgenthal Frederics specializes in creating the most luxurious optical frames in the world by handcrafting them using the finest materials. These frames bring together comfort and aesthetics to produce a first-class optical experience for those who wear them.

Robert Marc designed this line with his vision towards the modern, classic and instantly recognizable. The Robert Marc Collection revives the art of the handmade eyewear frame and stresses the idea of visible components. The most notable example of this is the Robert Marc Signature Hinge, which is based on historical design and construction. The Hinge is an identifiable signature component branding this elegant collection.

Established in 2002 by British designer Tom Davies, TD offers something rare to the eyewear world – custom made frames.Tom designed for a host of famous brands when he started out, but was frustrated by the commercial constraints of mass market eyewear. After making frames for his friends and family, which fitted 'perfectly' and experiencing the amazing reaction when someone has eyewear made just for them, he decided to leave his job and start TD Tom Davies.

Tom's Bespoke creations were a hit and gained him fans all over the world. It didn't take long for the designer to start his own collection of Limited Edition frames, which were used by Opticians as starting points for a Bespoke service which did not need Tom in person to measure for.

Tom opened his own workshop in 2008 and invited high end Opticians to train with him, so they could offer Bespoke together with Tom in partnership.

The materials used include titanium and premium cotton acetate. From the design stage, you can expect to be wearing your glasses in five weeks.

This service, available from a global network of opticians, gives you the chance to create one-of-a-kind frames, in perfect harmony with your facial features.

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